Anonymous asked:

Prob a good thing your fakeass dom doesn't blog we got enough of those already there's already fetlife for fakes to go to

foxytail11 answered:

Foxy’s bf: Well you are mistaken.  You see, I was created as a fake dom by a lonely old dude named Geppetto (I called him “G” for short).  I had a number of schizophrenic episodes where I saw some sort of fairy and a cricket that sang to me.  I think I ended up in some sort of circus due to lax child labor laws and then somehow managed to get swallowed by a whale.  While I was in the belly of the whale, I encountered some kid with a sword in the shape of a key (I didn’t have the HEART to tell him that it wasn’t a real sword and that it should have a proper blade) and my schizophrenia must’ve been triggered because I also saw some sort of talking duck and goofy-looking dog with him.  I eventually ran into G and from what I remember, we karate chopped our way out of the whale.  The fairy was very impressed with our skills and rewarded me by turning me into a real boy.  I mean a real dom.
And that’s the story of how this fake dom turned into a real dom.




photo by martin schoeller

I can’t stop looking at this and laughing because when asked about these photos during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he talks about how the first raccoon they used for this shoot got scared and mauled him. You can watch the video of the interview here, and no worries, there’s no images of the actual attack.